# 49366 - Bedroom for rent - 2105 rue Tupper, Ville-Marie (downtown, old Mtl) - $120



Ville-Marie (downtown, old Mtl) - $120 / month

Bedroom for rent

Neat Atwater metro close to everything : stores, cinemas, restaurants, clooeges, universities, entertainment and much more. All our rooms are furnished including a kitchenette. Everything is included. Free wi-fi internet basic connection. Our caretakers ensure the security and cleanliness of the site. We have a laundry room and public telephones at your disposal. We rent on weekly basis from $110 to $200 depending on availabilities (some conditions apply). Call Linda at 514-933-2046 or write to us for more information. We would be please to give you more information. You could also pay us a visit during opening hours at 2105 Tupper St.

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